5 Tips On Picking The Right Business Phone System

8 February 2021
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Which is best; VoIP, mobile, or a conventional landline? This is a question that many business owners grapple with when assessing their communication needs. Each business phone system has its advantages and disadvantages, making it appropriate in different business environments. Before you engage business phone installation services, you need to know how they compare. How do you assess the most appropriate business phone system?

Assess the Cost Implications 

You need headsets for landlines. You also have to factor in installation and setup costs. Mobile costs include headset purchases and monthly tariffs. One of the biggest chafes with mobile global users is high roaming costs when they step out of their mobile carrier's coverage.

VoIP phone systems do not need equipment purchases because the phone system is deployed on software apps. You can install VoIP smartphone apps on existing phones. VoIP requires a monthly subscription for the service.

Assess the Convenience 

How easy is it to stay in contact with your staff in different locations? Are they in touch 24/7? Landlines are the least convenient because of limited portability. Mobiles are convenient and portable. They are on the users all the time. 

VoIP's convenience depends on the way it is configured. Is it accessible on the users' smartphones? You can engage business phone installation services to configure call routing to your employees' smartphones. This kind of deployment becomes more convenient. 

Assess System Security 

Business phone systems are prime targets for hackers because they give access to the larger business network. Landlines are vulnerable to intrusions at different points; lines, exchange, or headset. VoIP systems are vulnerable at multiple breaching points including the VoIP app, user credentials, organization server, and user devices. Mobiles are harder to compromise if the user is trained on best cybersecurity practices.  You must assess the cost of implementing information security measures for each system. It will impact the total costs of deploying the phone system. 

Assess Scalability 

How easy is it to add new users to the business phone system? For a landline system, you need to buy new headsets and install new phone ports. For mobile, you need to procure new handsets, lines, and tariff plans. In a VoIP system, you only need to add new users to the VoIP management system.  

Assess Reliability 

Landlines will operate even when power is down. Mobile reliability depends on carrier coverage. VoIP reliability depends on internet connectivity.

You can decide on the business phone system by weighing the overall pros and cons. It is also important to hear advice from local business phone installation services before making a final decision.